Press Release August 2020

West Nipissing Arts Council suspends its activities for fall 2020

(Sturgeon Falls, August 2020) The Board of Directors of the West Nipissing Arts Council would like to inform you that due to all the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization is obliged to temporarily suspend its activities until December 31, 2020.

“We have taken all the time necessary to assess the situation from all possible angles and have come to the conclusion that in the current context and for the purposes of responsible management, it is wiser to temporarily suspend our activities while the health situation is stabilizing. At this point, we do not yet know when we will be able to access the hall at the Sturgeon Falls Recreation Complex which is currently being used for pandemic screening, which is obviously a priority in this situation.

In addition, if we look lucidly at what is happening elsewhere where the sanitary measures now allow a maximum presence of 250 people with social distancing and masks (e.g., in Quebec), we could only accommodate approximately 100 people (on a gauge of 350 in a cabaret formula), which is clearly insufficient to ensure a minimum viability of our operations, without taking into account the difficulty in providing our customers with programming worthy of those previously presented over the paste two years. For our part, we are not really keen in presenting virtual programming like some broadcasters. We firmly believe in the direct and physical encounter between the artist and the audience. This is the essence of our organization’s mandate with our community. We simply hope to find our customers, our partners and the artists as soon as possible in 2021 when all the conditions will be met to share in a safe and pleasant way other memorable and exceptional moments in their company!” concludes Mr. Marc Lavigne, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Please note that all ticket holders for the winter-spring 2020 programming were reimbursed in June and July. All our partner-ambassadors will be contacted over the next few days to inform them of the different possibilities available to them. Thank you.

Source: West Nipissing Arts Council
Mr. Marc Lavigne, President